MP for SCOM 2012

Hello Håvard,

Congratulations on your blog. For some time I follow you, and became a reference for me in relation to SCOM.

I have had difficulty solving a problem and maybe you can help me, since you have much experience with SCOM.

I've been looking for a management pack for SCOM 2012 to monitor a IBM AS400.

Do you know if there is any MP to do the monitoring? one that is simple and preferably free.

Thank you,
Rui Pinheiro

One thought on “MP for SCOM 2012

  1. Hi, I have not had the pleasure of monitoring the AS-400 yet. I know there is some third party extentions out there, but in my opinion they are not great. For SCOM 2007 there was an option with the xSNMP MP (codeplex project). For SCOM 2012 I would monitor the AS-400 as a network device, and create SNMP rules (point to oid’s) to extend monitoring.

    SNMP doc for AS-400.

    There are tons of guides on how to create rules for SNMP monitoring but here is one for you, just to start:

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