SCCM 2012: Downgrade or re-install SQL Server.

Recently I came across a scenario where I needed to downgrade a SCCM SQL Server from Enterprise to Standard edition, due to licensing. (Only Std. edition is included with SCCM). Usually I like to leave the SQL alone. This process involves a uninstall/reinstall and a site recovery.

If you ever need to do this, here is the high-level steps:

  • Run a full SCCM Backup, by starting the “SMS_SITE_BACKUP” service manually. 

More info on backup:

  • Document SQL Server Service Pack, CU Level and Collation.
  • Follow this article to backup SQL users and permissions. (Step 1-4)
  • STOP the Configuration Manager Site with PREINST.exe /STOPSITE

  • Uninstall the SQL Server and Reporting Services (Enterprise edition.).
  • Reboot
  • Install SQL Server (Standard edition) and Reporting Services, then service packs and cumulative updates.
  • Attach the Configuration Manager and MDT Database to the new instance in SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Follow this article to restore SQL users and permissions. (Step 5)
  • Run SCCM SETUP from the original media.

Page 1: Recover a site

Page 2: Use a site database that has been manually recovered.

Page 3: Next.

Page 4: Recover primary site.

Page 5: Install the licensed edition of this product.

Page 6: Accept license terms.

Page 7: Accept license terms (SQL and Silverlight)

Page 8: Download files..

Page 9: Verify detected site server settings (site server, sitecode etc.)

Page 10: Verify database server info.

Page 11: Customer experience program (do what you want)

Page 12: Verify all settings in the summary.

Page 13: Wait while setup completes.

Page 14: Install CU or Hotfix if required, else close the window and reboot the server.

  • Celebrate. You are done.

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