SCOM 2012: How to create a dynamic group based on a WMI query.

As you may have experienced the only way to create object discoveries in System Center Operations Manager is trough Visual Studio. But still, sometimes you may need a quick way to gather all computers with a specific application installed, configuration, process running or anything else. Then you need to look at “Attributes” within the Authoring > Management Pack Objects tab. In this example I needed to create a group gathering all servers running the System Center Configuration Manager agent.

1. Navigate to: Authoring > Management Pack Objects > Attributes

SCOM Dynamic Group 1

2. Right Click “Attributes” and select “Create New Attribute”.

SCOM Dynamic Group 2

3. Select:

  • “Discovery Type: WMI Query”
  • “Target: Windows Server (it will add _extended for you)”
  • Management Pack: Select and existing one or create a new.

SCOM Dynamic Group 3

4. Enter values below, then click “Finish”:

  • WMI Namespace: root\cimv2
  • Query: Select * from win32_process where name = “CcmExec.exe”
  • Property Name: Handle (Select any property related to the wmi class).
  • Query Interval: 300

SCOM Dynamic Group 4

5. Next we need to create a group. Navigate to: Authoring > Groups > (Right Click) “Create a new group”.

SCOM Dynamic Group 5

6. On the Dynamic Members page in the wizard, click “Create/Edit rules…”

Locate the Windows Server _Extended class, select the “Configuration Manager Agent Running” attribute.

SCOM Dynamic Group 7

7. Set Operator to: “Greater than or equal to” and Value to “1”

SCOM Dynamic Group 6

8. Click “OK”, then “Next”, “Next”, “Create”.

9. Your dynamic group is now created.

SCOM Dynamic Group 8

One thought on “SCOM 2012: How to create a dynamic group based on a WMI query.

  1. I was able to create the Attribute inside of “Windows Server_Extended” as shown above. But when I go to find the “Windows Server_Extended” to add Dynamic Members, it is not listed. I only see “Windows Server” and not “Windows Server_Extended”. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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