Windows Server 2012: Planning for Direct Access

I’ve been running Direct Access on Server 2012 for a while, beeing frustrated with complicated configuration and difficult requirements on Windows Server 2008 R2. I must say Microsoft has really improved the implementation in Server 2012. If you want to enable all features the old requirements are still there such as PKI and two Public IP-Adresses but in real life the IP-HTTPS tunnel does the trick for most of us. I get a lot of questions about requirements, scaling and implementation. With this post i’m sharing some useful resources to get this information.

Direct Access

1. Get an understanding of Remote Access with Direct Access in Server 2012: Sandeep Singhal did a good presentation at TechEd North America 2012.

2. Understand all the components and featureset of Direct Access.

Remote Access Overview:

3. Plan your implementation.

Technet Direct Access Planning Guide:

Direct Access Capacity Planning:

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