SCCM 2012: Packages fail when using Stand-Alone media error: hr=0x87d01004

Recently I worked with a customer that has a SCCM 2012 setup configured with a Central Administration Site (CAS) and several primary sites connected.

When creating a “Stand-Alone” media on the CAS server, deployment of Packages failed with error: hr=0x87d01004. According to Microsoft this error occurs because the Software Distribution Agent is not enabled since the client has not yet received policy.

Read the official KB from Microsoft here:

Greg Ramsey has written a blog post about this issue, explaining in details and presenting three solutions:

  • Create the stand-alone media at a Primary site instead of the Central Administration Site (CAS), or
  • Replace all “Install Software” TS Steps with “Run Command Line,”
  • Add a Run Command Line step to the task sequence after the Setup Windows       and Configuration with this WMI query:
WMIC /namespace:\\root\ccm\policy\machine\requestedconfig path ccm_SoftwareDistributionClientConfig CREATE ComponentName="Enable SWDist", Enabled="true", LockSettings="TRUE", PolicySource="local", PolicyVersion="1.0", SiteSettingsKey="1" /NOINTERACTIVE

Read Greg’s blog post here:

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