How to Configure a Clustered Storage Space in Windows Server 2012

Troubleshooting a clustered Storage Space in Server 2012 I came accross this blog post:

A great guide on how to create a clustered storage space, and necessary prerequisites:

  • A minimum of three physical drives, with at least 4 gigabytes (GB) capacity each, are required to create a storage pool in a Failover Cluster.
  •  The clustered storage pool MUST be comprised of Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) connected physical disks. Layering any form of storage subsystem, whether an internal RAID card or an external RAID box, regardless of being directly connected or connected via a storage fabric, is not supported.
  •  All physical disks used to create a clustered pool must pass the Failover Cluster validation tests. To run cluster validation tests:
  • Clustered storage spaces must use fixed provisioning.
  • Simple and mirror storage spaces are supported for use in Failover Cluster. Parity Spaces are not supported.
  • The physical disks used for a clustered pool must be dedicated to the pool. Boot disks should not be added to a clustered pool nor should a physical disk be shared among multiple clustered pools.
  • Storage spaces formatted with ReFS cannot be added to the Cluster Shared Volume (CSV).

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