SCOM 2012: Think about this before implementing a new monitoring solution.

  1. Own the solution! A monitoring solution represents the current state of your infrastructure. As an infrastructure owner you have to involve yourself in configuration of thresholds, monitor overrides etc. Consultants are great for best practices, presenting various options or as “doers” to save you time. But never let a consultant make decisions for you.
  2. Have a clear vision of what you need to monitor and what not to monitor. Do not let the products capabilities seduce you to do everything at once. Set a goal and identify steps to reach that goal. Make sure each step towards this goal is completed 100%.
  3. It will help you to be more proactive if you are willing to use the product in a proactive way. Update the product when you do changes in your infrastructure, tell the product before implementing changes or downtime (maintenance mode.). To get the reward you have to be willing to change the way you work.



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