SCCM 2012: Why don’t you just reboot?

Over the years the Windows operating system have become more stable. Together with hibernation features our users really don’t have to reboot as often as we want. A common practice to “not disturb” our users is to suppress reboot’s at any cost. It feels good in the beginning but pretty soon it becomes a problem. The result is computers stuck with “pending reboots” preventing us from installing new software, and the even bigger issue, as many software updates installs on reboot, we suddenly struggle getting our clients compliant.

Kent Agerlund@Coretech have blogged a about this, and published a great tool that will help you control reboot’s on client. Only reminding users on computers that have not rebooted within a specified timeframe:

Quote from Kent:

“If you do not force a computer restart you might face problems like:

  • Non-compliant computers
  • Computers being in reboot pending mode which might prevent them from installing new software and software updates

If you do force a restart you might face problems like:

  • Very unhappy users
  • Scenarios where you restart while the end-user is using the computer for a demo or presentation
  • End-users calling Servicedesk and complaining about a virus that’s shutting down their computer
  • Restarting computers that are already compliant”

Read the post and download the tool:

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