SC 2012 Orchestrator with Service Pack 1: Installation guide

This is my installation notes (so far) for System Center 2012 Orchestrator with Service Pack 1.

Before installing, review supported configurations from the official documentation:

1. Install SQL Server 2008 R2 or 2012, only Database Engine Service is needed by Orchestrator. SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS is the supported collation.

2. Create a domain account and domain Security Group.

Account: scorch-svc (Orchestrator Service Account)
Group: scorch_admins (Security Group to provide Access to Orchestrator)

3. Install Internet Information Services with default role services. Documentation states that the Orchestrator setup engine will install IIS if missing. I’ve seen the setup break on Server 2012 when missing IIS, so I reccommend installing this Component first.

4. Make sure you have .Net framework 3.5 and 4 installed.

5. Mount System Center 2012 Orchestrator With SP1 and run SetupOrchestrator.exe


6. Enter License information.


7. Read and accept license terms.


8. Select features to install (for single server deployment, Select all features)


9. Review prerequsite warnings or errors.


10. Configure service account (created in step 2 in this guide).


11. Specify database server to use, in this example a local SQL instance is installed on the Orchestrator server. Click Test Database Connection to proceed.


12. Set DB name, or accept default option.


13. Specify Orchestrator users Group (created in step 2)


14. Configure or Accept default ports for the Orchestrator web service.


15. Specify installation path.


16. Select wether to update Orchestrator with Microsoft Update or not.


17. Select customer expirience options of your choise.


18. Verify selected options in the installation summary, click “install” to start the installation.


19. After the installation is complete you can start using Orchestrator, but probably you have to download integration packs to get Access to activities from other products. I use the System Center Integration packs. Download them here:

20. Meged Ezzat have created a walktrough on how to install and publish integration packs.



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