Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V: The requested resources is in use.

Recently i’ve upgraded my private lab environment. I have moved from a combination of VMware workstation and oracle virtualbox to a Server 2012 Hyper-V Cluster. So far so good, storage is also upgraded to a NetGear iSCSI NAS, in my environment this has proven to do the trick. Even if you can now use SMB shares in failover clusters, I still use iSCSI.

Recently I ran into this error: «The requested resource is in use». Storage showed status reserved on both hosts, I was unable to bring the resources online. My storage was in a stale state, with both hosts reserving the storage.

So how to solve?

  1. In powershell type, Clear-ClusterDiskReservation –Disk <DiskNumber> on the hyper-v hosts. (disk number from disk management or diskpart)
  2. If this fails, another option in my case was to disconnect the iSCSI storage on one of my hosts claiming ownership. Then I was able to bring the resource online, reconnect iSCSI storage. Problem solved.

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