It’s hard to ignore all the «fuzz» about the «bring your own device» concept. It seems like a user’s dream, and the IT departments worst nightmare. It’s the eternal conflict, users want more freedom and it pro’s want more control. Therefore, to maintain Control, the solution from most IT departments is VDI. In that way users can access a company desktop regardless of what device they are using. And the IT department can maintain full controll.

So I have devices and can bring them, I will have access to company resources and produce my daily work within a VDI company desktop. So far so good, but still my computer will have software that needs to be updated, operating system will need patches and configuration, I will need to maintain a antivirus solution for security compliance, and if my computer crashes I will have to provide a quick way to get up and running for work next day.

As a user I don’t really like the concept of living wihtin company boundaries, and with that the restrictions and policy defined by my IT department. But still I understand it feels somewhat safe. You have a local support system to rely on, adjusted to your needs. It’s something to think about, would you really replace your local IT department with your local hardware vendor?

So is «Bring Your Own Device» also «Manage your own device» ? If you truly should be able to bring what ever device you want, then it’s impossible for the IT department to support you, your device, operating system and your locally installed applications. Then you are stuck with your local vendor and you will have to mange your own device, in one way or the other.

Maybe it’s time to get a new perspective on «self-management» ? 🙂

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