SCOM 2012: Operations Manager cannot connect to the Web service

Recently I got this error: “Operations Manager cannot connect to the Web service” when trying to connect to the management pack catalog in System Center 2012 Operations Manager.

First of all, Sysinternals Process monitor is a great tool to troubleshoot this. Filter out the SCOM console process and you will be able to see where it connects.

I did not find any good information on this, so I did some investigation and figured out where it tries to connect.

First it connects to ip: over the http protocol next is https. Put these ip adresses in your browser from the SCOM server and see if you are able to connect. If not, talk to your networking guys 🙂

Update: Seems like might also connect to other IP adresses. So far i’ve found these: and

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  1. Greetings, I am experiencing the same problem in with SCOM 2012.

    I used to experience it in SCOM 2007 R2 as well; the workaround was to open IE and go to any site, and then try the connexion to the catalog again, and it worked.
    But this work around doesn’t seem to work in SCOM 2012 anymore.

    So I tried the two IP (with appropriate protocols) that you suggest:
    – The first one works fine : points to
    – The second one gives a certificate warning ( !!! ): :
    The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website’s address.
    Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server.

    If I agree to continue, I am then brought to, which is actually no less than the home page of :
    Note that if I directly connect to that site (after a session restart), I don’t get any certificate warning.

    I also thought that once accepting to continue with the untrustful certificate in IE, the OpsMgr Console will then succeed in reaching the catalog, but I was wrong; it still doesn’t work.

    So, I doubt that Microsoft makes a certificate error, and your sniffing showed the IP but in fact OpsMgr connects to the full address instead of just the IP.

    Anyway, considering both sites work, any idea why it still doesn’t work from the OpsMgr console ?

    • Hi,
      Please see my updated post. Seems like it might connect to other ip adresses also. I recommend using Sysinternal processmonitor to trace your problem.

      I’m curious about this, please keep me posted.

      Best regards

  2. Thanks for your answer and update. (just a note: I think you made a little typo; according to your screenshot the first address is and not 🙂

    I tried these two addresses and they have the exact same behaviour than the ones I tested above: the HTTP one works fine, and the HTTPS one gives a certificate warning. They both point to the Microsoft website homepage.

    I’ll try the tool and will keep you updated.

  3. More on the issue.

    I had not configured the Proxy setting of my management servers: in the OpsMgr Console -> Administration -> Management Servers -> right-click Properties of one -> Proxy setting tab. I put the appropriate proxy address + port.

    Then I used ProcMon to sniff around. In ProcMon I filter “process name contains ‘Console’ ” and let it run when I am trying to connect to the Catalog.

    click here for image

    I also get a few lines before (Operation RegQueryKey & OpenKey) but I don’t think they are relevant.

    As you see, the MS tries to connect directly to the proxy. If I check the details of those lines, I see that the user used for that is my own. And aside from porn/violence/etc. sites, my user has access to everything: I can connect to any SCOM official site; that’s for sure.

    I also tried without having the proxy configured in the Administration panel like explained above, and the lines are exactly the same (I suppose SCOM uses system settings and these are mandatory).

    I’ma kinda stuck 🙁

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